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Programmatic and Retargeting Services

Modernize Your Advertising


Programmatic advertising (including retargeting/remarketing) is the dominant advertising medium in consumer digital advertising with more than 80% of all spending being funneled through programmatic platforms.


It's safe to say that programmatic is the future of B2B digital advertising and it is critical that associations take control of their industry's digital advertising market before artificial intelligence figures it out. 

Association Media Group's programmatic and retargeting service plugs you into the programmatic ecosystem enabling you to control your association's data as well as advertisers access to professionals in your industry.


Our solution is different because we focus on the 'sanctity of your data' and enable you to leverage your own sales team (although our team is awesome and available if needed).


We can train your sales team to sell, join them on initial sales calls, and we're always available to answer their questions. We fully manage the campaigns for you and provide recommendations, best practices, and support for advertisers to help them maximize their investment. 

Programmatic advertising seems complicated, but we can make it simple!


Contact us to have a conversation and learn more about programmatic advertising. 

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